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We've redefined the way you experience comfort and tranquility. Say goodbye to the everyday stress, and welcome relaxation with open arms. Our hand poured candles are more than just beautiful. They're a reflection of warmth, nostalgia, and the simple joys of life. With a blend of curated scents, we offer you an opportunity to elevate your space and your daily routine

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Imagine coming home to an atmosphere that hugs your senses, gently pulling you into a cocoon of serenity. The rich, authentic fragrances from our candles transport you to a world of peace and contentment. Indulge in the warmth of softly glowing candlelight, complemented by exquisite fragrances, whether you're unwinding after a long day or celebrating a special moment. These are the moments that truly matter.

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Choose from our wide range of hand-poured, high-quality candles that fit any occasion or mood. Whether you're creating an intimate dinner, having some me-time, or enhancing your workspace, we've got a candle just for you.
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I have recently become a “scent” fanatic! I’ve always loved candles and warmers, but it has become so much more essential for my peace of mind. The candles from Joie Candle Co work perfectly in achieving my goal of a fragrant space and calmness/peace. The candles are so dramatic that I usually only light one to fill my space. Also, let’s talk about the jars, wicks and labels... love it! Personally I hate generic looking candles, lol. My favorites are Lemongrass and White Tea Chamomile. I definitely recommend them as an addition to your space.

Michelle G.

I usually don’t write reviews, but Joie candles are amazing. I can’t stop talking about them. My favorite is Brown Suga, the warm smell travels through my house so wonderfully. Joie candles are a must buy and reasonably priced. Get yours!!!

Liane L.

I love my Joie candles. I have them sitting in my door way and as soon as I walk in the house you can smell them and they are not even lit. I also have them in my room and after a long day, it’s nothing like lighting my Brown Suga candle and putting my feet up! I’ll definitely will be ordering more soon!

Noel P.