Welcome To Joie Candle Co. Loyalty Program!

Hey Candle Cutie! Here's your chance to earn points while you're enjoying an experience in a jar with Joie. Accumulate points when you refer a friend or family member to Joie and use them towards your next purchase.


Yup Candle Crew...You'll be able to use those points and take off money towards all candles and accessories with every purchase. 


Here's How It Works: 

Create An Account- 10 pts. 

Complete Your Full Profile- 1 pt. 

Complete An Order- 2 pts. earned for each USD spent. 

Refer A Friend or Family Member- 5 pts. when they complete a purchase with Joie.


$5 off - 500 points

$10 off - 1,000 points

$20 off - $2,000 points