Garden Soiree

Garden Soiree

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Introducing Garden Soiree, a delightful spring scent that transports you to a blooming Utopia. šŸ’

At the top, invigorating notes of citrus greet your senses, reminiscent of fresh lemon and orange blossoms. In the middle, a harmonious blend of crisp apple, sweet sugar, and delicate violet creates a vibrant and enchanting aroma, evoking the essence of a lush botanical garden in full bloom.

Finally, at the bottom, soft peach and warm musk undertones provide a grounding and comforting base, leaving you feeling embraced by natureā€™s beauty.


  • Top: Citrus
  • Middle: Apple, Sugar, Violet
  • Bottom: Peach, Musk

Gorgeous 12 oz metal tins with lidĀ 

Hand pouredĀ Ā with Soy wax and eco friendly wicksĀ